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Catalogue Ref: Y375

Manufactured to close tolerances, the Cowells jigsaw is a sturdy, easy to use machine for those engaged in craft work of all kinds.

The machine will cut plastics and thin metals, for example 3mm (1/8") brass, and will also cut wood up to a thickness of l9mm (3/4").

The steel table is ground on its upper face providing a perfectly flat and smooth surface for the movement of the workpiece when cutting.

The machine accepts standard fretsaw, coping and piercing saw blades and cuts on the downward stroke. A spring return blade tensioning attachment (Y1) should be used for very fine blades; saw guides are available for thicker blades (Y2, Y3), (the machine is supplied with either Y2 wide saw guide or Y3 narrow saw guide). A safety work hold-down foot is supplied as standard.

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The jigsaw is supplied with a 375mm - 15" steel throat arm and is fitted with thumbscrews for the easy adjustment of blade guides etc. The body is of die cast aluminium and fitted with a continuously rated motor directly driving the blade clamp spindle through a balanced pitman arm providing 1425 cutting strokes per minute. The stroke is 19mm - 3/4".

Narrow sawguide (Y3)
Wide Sawguide (Y2)
Spring return attachment (Y1)
  Electrical Specification
Electric Motor 220/240v Single phase A.C. 50Hz induction continuously rated 40 watt output. 1425 r.p.m. (110/115v 60Hz electrics available for U.S.A.)
Switchgear On/Off, Motor relay isolated in machine body

Physical Dimensions
Table - 160 x 200mm - 6 x 8"
Overall Depth - 500mm - 20"
Overall Width - 160mm - 6.3"
Overall Height - 320mm - 12.5"
Weight - 7Kg - 16 lbs
All Cowells machines are guaranteed for 5 years.
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